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30 September 2014Fabric Celebrate 15 Years in the Event Industry

When it comes to event management, the promotions team at Fabric nightclub in London take some beating. With the capital’s nightlife struggling to keep up with it’s esteemed past, Fabric has managed to keep up a high level of consistency that is a credit to everyone involved in the club.

Fabric celebrate their 15th birthday in October 2014 with a three day party that is sure to see many of the capital’s movers and shakers in attendance, including a few members of the Pebble Events marketing team!

Many of the capital’s clubbing institutions have closed down over the years, yet Fabric and Ministry of Sound keep pulling in the punters week in week out. This is due to the intelligent bookings made by the promotion team who continue to hand pick major acts alongside the latest big things. It’s a testament to their musical knowledge and understanding of what the people want that they can stay on the cutting edge for 15 years as others have faltered by the wayside.

Some interesting facts about Fabric’s 15 years in the industry -

• 139 slip mats have been used
• 1607 broken turntable needles have been replaced
• 75 microphones have been broken
• 17,143 cases of beer have consumed
• 21,428 bottles of wine have been downed
• 3.9m shots have been necked
• 42m toilet flushes!

Check out this great video about the beginning of the club and an interview with owner Keith Reilly about the ideas and planning behind Fabric.

So how do you survive 15 years in such a cut throat industry? The most important thing is to believe in your product. As you cans see from the video, the owners and promoters of Fabric had a vision of how they wanted the club to be run and stuck to their guns. They also invested a lot of time and effort into their sound system, which included the infamous speakers UNDERNEATH the main room dance floor!

Fabric believe in quality of product at a fair price, which in any industry is a fantastic ethos. Many top promoters have fallen by the way side due to overpriced tickets and stale line-ups, yet Fabric have proven time and again that if you keep things fresh and simple then people will respond.

With the nightclub industry suffering due to the introduction of late licenses to bars, we may never see the likes of Fabric and the Ministry of Sound again. Their longevity in an industry that has been a real rollercoaster over the past ten years is testament to the teams that work behind the scenes. Every event management company needs their staff pulling in the right direction to achieve success. I think it’s fair to say that Fabric’s team has certainly over achieved during those difficult years and are now reaping the benefits of sticking to their principles. Here’s wishing them another successful 15 years in the industry.

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